Game Session (Workshop) Schedule


Workshop S1 (15:15-16:15 on 18th July)

Experience of “Consensus Building of Wind Farm Game”
Ohnuma, Susumu (1); Kitakaji, Yoko (1,2)
1: Hokkaido University, Japan; 2: Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

Preparing Teachers for AEC by Gaming Simulation
Indrangkura Na Ayudthya, Pathomporn (1); Yamchuti, Noppawan (2)
1: Thonburi University, Thailand; 2: Thonburi University, Thailand

Fun to run game for English lessons: Giving Directions
Soranastaporn, Songsri (1); Nitisakulwut, Panicha (2)
1: Mahidol University, Thailand; 2: Mahidol University, Thailand


Workshop S2 (15:15-16:15 on 19th July)

A Game for Land Readjustment Project in Kabul City, Afghanistan
Sadiq, Ahmad Ramin; Sharifzai, Mohammad Saraj; Solimanzoy, Fayeqa Haider; Sadat, Sayed Hashmat; Sahab, Sofia; Hashemi, Adina; Kaneda, Toshiyuki
Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan

Transition of Manual Puzzle Picture Game to Computer Game: A Case from ESP class
Nitisakunwut, Panicha; Soranastaporn, Songsri
Mahidol University, Thailand

Matching Tools and Functions
Nootawee, Panida (1); Soranastaporn, Songsri (2)
1: Mahidol University, Thailand; 2: Mahidol University, Thailand


Workshop S3 (15:15-16:15 on 20th July)

Working-ready Games for Newcomers to Social Systems Gaming
Ichikawa, Arata (1); Ichikawa, Manabu (2)
1: Ryutsu Keizai University, Japan; 2: National Institute of Public Health, Japan

Boosting Quality of Education by a Ball Game
Soranastaporn, Songsri (1); Yamchuti, Nophawan (2); Yamchuti, Urairat (3)
1: Mahidol University; 2: Thonburi University; 3: Thonburi University

QUEST: An Adventure Once Upon A Time
Mallon, Adrian CJF
Adrian Mallon Multimedia, United Kingdom


Workshop L1 (16:30-18:30 on 18th July)

Origami Helmet: A simulation of hypothesis-confirming bias during job interviews
Kikkawa, Toshiko
Keio University, Japan

Saske-nable: A Simulation Game utilizing Lessons from the Great East Japan Earthquake
Amano, Kazuhiko (1); otsuki, satoshi (2); Harada, Makoto (3); Kitamura, Ikumi (1); Re, Jintetsu (4);
1: Fukushima Future Center for Regional Revitalization, Fukushima University, Japan; 2: Faculty of Regional Collaboration, Kochi university, Japan; 3: CIA, co.,Ltd, Japan; 4: Niigata disaster relief volunteer network; 5: The Center for Integrated Disaster Information Research, the University of Tokyo

The educational simulation game Eco-town
Fedoseev, Alexey
Moscow State University of Mechanical Engineering, Russian Federation

Business Simulation: INDUSTRY Discovery Session
Yamauchi, Shinichiro
SOUSAKU Co.Ltd., Japan


Workshop L2 (16:30-18:30 on 19th July)

Staying Alive: A Live-Action Roleplay about Judging A Human’s Worth
Kamm, Bjoern-Ole (1); Schmit, Wagner Luiz (2)
1: Kyoto University, Japan; 2: University of Tsukuba

Lake Victoria (Revised Version)
Otsuki, Takashige
Keiai University, Japan

Gaming Simulation of Disaster Risk Management in Japan
Ichikawa, Manabu (1,2); Deguchi, Hiroshi (2)
1: National Institute of Public Health, Japan; 2: Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Playing with Cormas, a interactive ABM platform for managing natural resources collectively
Bommel, Pierre (1,2); Bécu, Nicolas (3)
1: CIRAD – Green Research Unit; 2: UCR Universidad de Costa Rica – CIEDA; 3: CNRS – Littoral Environnement et Sociétés (LIENSs) – UMR 7266

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