List of Poster Presentation

Poster ID: 1
Paper Title: Understanding User behavior in Information System using Petri Nets
Author(s): Li, Shing-Han (1); Chen, Wei-Yu (2); Hu, Chung-Chiang (3)
Affiliation: 1: National Taipei University of Business, Taiwan, Republic of China; 2: Chinese Culture University, Taiwan, Republic of China; 3: Tatung University, Taiwan, Republic of China

Poster ID: 2
Paper Title: Redevelopment of the Digital Game to Learn Science: High performance computing should be applied to the development
Affiliation: KINKI  University technical college, Japan

Poster ID: 3
Paper Title: Communication Games for Activating Citizenship Education in Japan
Author(s): Masahiro, Ohyama; Hiroki, Baba; Jun, Yoshinaga
Affiliation: Kobe University, Japan

Poster ID: 4
Paper Title: Participants’ Perceptions of Gaming Simulation
Author(s): Nakamura, Mieko
Affiliation: Ryutsu Keizai University, Japan

Poster ID: 5
Paper Title: GRID – simulation game about – risk and process management
Author(s): Treske, Eric (1); Schwägele, Sebastian (2)
Affiliation: 1: intrestik Organisation & Planspiel, Germany; 2: ZMS, Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg Stuttgart, Germany

Poster ID: 6
Paper Title: Innovative technologies for specialists training in the sphere of logistic management.
Author(s): Berkovich, Victoria; Novik, Mila
Affiliation: Saint-Petersburg State University for Economics, Russian Federation

Poster ID: 7
Paper Title: The Design of Lifestyle-Related Disease Game and its Practice for Regional Version
Author(s): Hibino, Aiko (1); Ema, Arisa (2); Ueda, Akifumi (3); Hishiyama, Reiko (4)
Affiliation: 1: Hirosaki Univeristy, Japan; 2: The University of Tokyo; 3: Citizen Science Initiative Japan (CSIJ); 4: Waseda University

Poster ID: 8
Paper Title: Combining gaming, simulation, and disaster dialysis medicine -Development of a tabletop disaster preparedness exercise game-
Author(s): Nakatsuka, Mineo
Affiliation: Japanese Red Cross Medical Center, Japan

Poster ID: 9
Paper Title: Environmental education by playing an Industrial Waste Game: A comparison between Chinese, Korean, and Japanese university students
Author(s): Maeda, Hiroe (1); Hirose, Yukio (2); Ohana, Kyosuke (3)
Affiliation: 1: Nanzan University, Japan; 2: Kansai University, Japan; 3: Kyoto University, Japan

Poster ID: 10
Paper Title: Fab Safe – preparing fab labs and maker spaces for occupational health and safety
Author(s): van der Hijden, Pieter (1); Bansal, Lipika (2)
Affiliation: 1: Sofos Consultancy, Netherlands, The; 2: Pollinize, Netherlands, The

Poster ID: 11
Paper Title: A Business Game as an Educational Tool for Learning about Information Security Management
Author(s): Sasaki, Nobusuke
Affiliation: Prefectural University of Hiroshima, Japan

Poster ID: 12
Paper Title: A Prototype of Community Cooperation Game: A Simulation Game of Community Based Flood Disaster Management
Author(s): Puntita, Tanwattana (1); Toyoda, Yusuke (2)
Affiliation: 1: Chulalongkorn University; 2: Ritsumeikan University, Japan

Poster ID: 13
Paper Title: “Harvest and Interest”—A Game to Facilitate Understanding of Michael Ende’s Momo
Author(s): Kobayashi, Shigeto; Azuma, Shinpei; Sugimoto, Shohei; Masumi, Akira
Affiliation: Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan

Poster ID: 14
Paper Title: community currency game: results and the next challenge
Author(s): yoshida, masayuki (1); kobayashi, shigeto (2)
Affiliation: 1: joetsu university of education, Japan; 2: japan advanced institute of science and technology, Japan

Poster ID: 15
Paper Title: Career Learning Game in the IT Service Industry Considering Players’ Values
Author(s): Goto, Yusuke; Sasaki, Kohei; Minamino, Ken’ichi; Watanabe, Yoshikazu
Affiliation: Iwate Prefectural University, Japan

Poster ID: 16
Paper Title: Comparing the effectiveness of simulation-game with common activity-based teaching in environmental education: A case study in an undergraduate waste management programme in Hong Kong
Author(s): Yeung, Siu Kit
Affiliation: The Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong S.A.R. (China)

Poster ID: 17
Paper Title: Re-discovering “school-commuting roads” -A gaming design for development of elementary school children’s place attachment on their local community-
Author(s): Chiwata, Maho; Takahashi, Risa; Ogura, Hiroko; Takai, Mari; Zaito, Llerena; Shirotsuki, Masahiro
Affiliation: Nagoya University of Foreign Studies, Japan

Poster ID: 18
Paper Title: A gaming simulation of conflict resolution for an economically stratified society using Daifugo
Author(s): Sugiura, Junkichi
Affiliation: Keio University, Japan

Poster ID: 19
Paper Title: Developing ‘Iitokosagashi’ communication game for adults with developmental disorders
Affiliation: 1: Nara Women’s University, Japan; 2: Iitokosagashi; 3: LINK; 4: Osaka City University

Poster ID: 20
Paper Title: A study of Wisdom of Crowds model for game system
Author(s): Okano, Tadashi
Affiliation: ritsumeikan univ, Japan

Poster ID: 21
Author(s): Ohashi, Yutaro
Affiliation: Nippon Institute of Technology, Japan

Poster ID: 22
Paper Title: Feelings of superiority and inferiority, and social identity by the members of predominance and inferior groups
Author(s): Taresawa, Yumiko
Affiliation: Konan women’s university, Japan

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