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(Updated on 6th July, 2015)


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10:30-12:00 on 18th July

Simulation & Gaming for Education 1
Paper ID: 22
Paper Title: Cormas, an Agent-Based simulation platform for coupling human desicion with computerized dynamics
Author(s):Bommel, Pierre (1,2); Bécu, Nicolas (3); Le Page, Christophe (1); Bousquet, François (1)
Affiliation: 1: CIRAD – Green Research Unit – France; 2: UCR Universidad de Costa Rica – CIEDA; 3: CNRS – Littoral Environnement et Sociétés (LIENSs) – UMR 7266

Paper ID: 81
Paper Title: BUILD-A-GAME An Educational Game Development Platform
Author(s): Tan, Sun Teck
Affiliation: School of Computing, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Paper ID: 83
Paper Title: Simulation of an Organization as a Complex System – A Study of Evolutionary Knowledge Management using Agent-Based Modeling and a Gamified Human Experiment
Author(s): Gu, Jessica; Chen, Yu
Affiliation: The University of Tokyo, Japan


Simulation & Gaming for Planning & Policy 1
Paper ID: 80
Paper Title: A Simulation Analysis of Regional Economic Recovery Assuming Nankai Trough Earthquake: A Case Study on Shima City
Author(s): Cui, Mingji (1); Taniguchi, Hitoshi (2); Toyoda, Yusuke (1); Kanegae, Hidehiko (1)
Affiliation: 1: Ritsumeikan University, Japan; 2: Intelligent Watching Camera Standardization Technical Committee, Japan Image Analysis Association

Paper ID: 40
Paper Title: A game of knowledge brokering. New approach for strengthening evidence-based policies
Author(s): Olejniczak, Karol (1); Kupiec, Tomasz (2); Widawski, Igor (3)
Affiliation: 1: University of Warsaw, Poland; 2: EGO s.c., Poland; 3: PGS, Poland

Paper ID: 79
Paper Title: Policy Gaming for Strategy Intervention in Slum Community, Thailand
Author(s): Denpaiboon, Chaweewan
Affiliation: Thammasat University, Thailand

13:15-14:45 on 18th July

Simulation & Gaming for Education 2
Paper ID: 18
Paper Title: Multiplayer online role-playing games as information systems: Implications for organizational learning
Author(s): Harviainen, J. Tuomas (1); Vesa, Mikko (2)
Affiliation: 1: University of Tampere, Finland; 2: Aalto University, Finland

Paper ID: 63
Paper Title: Understanding and Changing Systems through Hybrid Simulation Game Design Methods in Educational Contexts
Author(s): Kriz, Willy C.; Manahl, Werner
Affiliation: University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg, Austria

Paper ID: 37
Paper Title: Live-Action Roleplay; or the Performance of Realities
Author(s): Kamm, Bjoern-Ole (1); Becker, Julia (2)
Affiliation: 1: Kyoto University, Japan; 2: Dortmund University, Germany


Simulation & Gaming for Planning & Policy 2
Paper ID: 39
Paper Title: Synchro Mania – Design and Evaluation of a Serious Game creating a Mind Shift in Transport Planning
Author(s): Buiel, Erik (1); Visschedijk, Gillian (1); Lebesque, Layla (1); Lucassen, Inge (1); van Riessen, Bart (2); van Rijn, Arno (2); te Brake, Guido (1)
Affiliation: 1: TNO, Netherlands, The; 2: ECT, The Netherlands

Paper ID: 48
Paper Title: What do policy makers talk about when talking about simulations?
Author(s): Raghothama, Jayanth; Meijer, Sebastiaan
Affiliation: KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Paper ID: 52
Paper Title: Using Simulation Games as Research Instruments – Lessons Learned from the Transportation Domain
Author(s): Lukosch, Heide Karen (1); Groen, Daan (2); Kurapati, Shalini (1); Verbraeck, Alexander (1)
Affiliation: 1: Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, The; 2: InThere, Netherlands, The


Simulation & Gaming for Psychology and Communication 1
Paper ID: 72
Paper Title: Cognitive learning effectiveness with mobile se-rious games in adult education
Author(s): Wardaszko, Marcin; Podgórski, Błażej
Affiliation: Kozminski University, Poland

Paper ID: 84
Paper Title: A Basic Research of Gifts made by Pure Donations without Expectation of any Returns -To Analysis Unconditional Kindness is to Re-define some “Rational” of Social Dilemma—
Author(s): Haruka Suzuki
Affiliation: OIC Research Organization of Ritsumeikan University, Japan

Paper ID: 85
Paper Title: Introduction of gaming and simulation in a university social psychology class
Author(s): Kikkawa, Toshiko
Affiliation: Keio University, Japan


Simulation & Gaming for Business, Marketing and Organizational Behavior 1
Paper ID: 20
Paper Title: ColPMan: A Serious Game for Practicing Collaborative Production Management
Author(s): Mizuyama, Hajime; Nonaka, Tomomi; Yoshikawa, Yuko; Miki, Kentaro
Affiliation: Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan

Paper ID: 23
Paper Title: Study of attractiveness of bidding exercise to find one value of Analog Business Games
Author(s): Kaneko, Tomomi (1); Hamada, Ryoju (2); Hiji, Masahiro (3)
Affiliation: 1: Hokkaido University of Science Junior College, Japan; 2: Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology, Thammasat University, Thailand; 3: Accounting School, Tohoku University, Japan

Paper ID: 93
Paper Title: A Research Roadmap for Serious Games in Companies
Author(s): Riedel, Johann C.K.H; Baalsrud Hauge, Jannicke M.; Padron Naploes, Carmen L.
Affiliation: 1: BIBA, Germany; 2: Royal institute of Technology, Sweden; 3: University of Nottingham; 4: ATOS, Spain

10:30-12:00 on 19th July

Simulation & Gaming for Psychology and Communication 2
Paper ID: 43
Paper Title: Social Dilemma as a Device for Recognition of Shared Goal: Development of “Consensus Building of Wind Farm Game”
Author(s): Ohnuma, Susumu (1); Kitakaji, Yoko (1,2)
Affiliation: 1: Hokkaido University, Japan; 2: Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

Paper ID: 44
Paper Title: Even Unreliable Information Disclosure Makes People Cooperate in a Social Dilemma: Development of the “Industrial Waste Illegal Dumping Game”
Author(s): Kitakaji, Yoko (2); Ohnuma, Susumu (1)
Affiliation: 1: Hokkaido University, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science; 2: Hokkaido University

Paper ID: 56
Paper Title: Ecological Psychology A Framework for Wargame Design
Author(s): Granberg, Staffan; Hulterström, Patrik
Affiliation: Swedish Defence University, Sweden

13:15-14:45 on 19th July

Simulation & Gaming for Education 3
Paper ID: 24
Paper Title: The Use of Origami in Serious Games
Author(s): Cuesta Aguiar, Victor Alonso; Nakano, Masaru
Affiliation: Keio University, Japan

Paper ID: 75
Paper Title: Mobile educational game – Smart Leo
Author(s): Podgorski, Blazej; Wardaszko, Marcin
Affiliation: Kozminski University, Poland

Paper ID: 77
Paper Title: Gamification in Education: “American Dream” Game


Simulation & Gaming for Planning & Policy 3
Paper ID: 35
Paper Title: Experiential learning through NewDistrict asymmetric simulation game: results of a dozen of gameplay sessions
Author(s): Becu, Nicolas (1); Latune, Julie (2); Frascaria-Lacoste, Natyhalie (2)
Affiliation: 1: CNRS, UMR LIENSs 7266, France; 2: AgroParisTech, UMR ESE 8079, France

Paper ID: 42
Paper Title: A Feasibility Study of Land Readjustment Projects in Afghanistan by Developing and Applying Gaming Simulation
Author(s): Sadiq, Ahmad Ramin; Kaneda, Toshiyuki
Affiliation: Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan

Paper ID: 54
Paper Title: Between Game and Reality: Using Serious Games to Analyze Complex Interaction Processes in Air Traffic Management
Author(s): Freese, Maria (1); Drees, Sebastian (2); Meinecke, Malte (3)
Affiliation: 1: German Aerospace Center, Germany; 2: HTW Berlin – University of Applied Science, Germany; 3: OSTIA-Spiele GbR, Germany


Simulation & Gaming for Business, Marketing and Organizational Behavior 2
Paper ID: 25
Paper Title: An Experiment: An International Comparison of the Decision-Making Process Using a Business Game
Author(s): Iwai, Chiaki; Morita, Mitsuru
Affiliation: Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan

Paper ID: 70
Paper Title: Development of Gaming Material and Design Framework for Integrating Entrepreneurship Education into Problem-based Learning in Mathematics
Author(s): Numazaki, Kohei; Matsuda, Toshiki
Affiliation: Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Paper ID: 45
Paper Title: Measurement and Modeling of Proactive Exploration Behavior by Using a Virtual Space Experiment System
Author(s): Suzuki, Tatsuto (1); Okamoto, Kohei (1); Kaneda, Toshiyuki (1); Tamada, Masaki (2)
Affiliation: 1: Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan; 2: Kozo-Keikaku Engineering Co Ltd, Japan


Hybrid Simulation & Gaming
Paper ID: 53
Paper Title: A Hybrid Gaming of Stock Investment -To Evaluate Achievement and Stock Price of Virtual Companies-
Author(s): Lee, Hao
Affiliation: Shizuoka University, Japan

Paper ID: 71
Paper Title: An analysis framework on user experience in simulation and gaming designs as part of hybridizing evolution
Author(s): Jakubowski, Michał (1); Titton, Luiz Antonio (2)
Affiliation: 1: Kozminski University, Poland; 2: Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil

Paper ID: 78
Paper Title: Gaming Simulation Hybrids in Railway Innovation Processes
Author(s): van den Hoogen, Jop (1); Meijer, Sebastiaan Arno (1,2)
Affiliation: 1: Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, The; 2: KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

10:30-12:00 on 20th July

Simulation & Gaming for Education 4
Paper ID: 29
Paper Title: Comparing live-action and computer-mediated educational games for engineering studies
Author(s): Fedoseev, Alexey
Affiliation: Moscow State University of Mechanical Engineering, Russian Federation

Paper ID: 57
Paper Title: Understanding the History of International Politics:A Retrospective and Repeated Type of Gaming and Simulation in the Classroom
Author(s): Tamai, Masataka; Miyawaki, Noboru; Kondo, Atsushi
Affiliation: Ritsumeikan University, Japan

Paper ID: 60
Paper Title: Preparation Activities for School Principals to ASEAN Community of M.Ed. in Educational Administration Students, the Graduate School, Thonburi University
Author(s): Indrangkura Na Ayudthya, Pathomporn; Yamchuti, Nophawan
Affiliation: Thonburi University, Thailand


Simulation & Gaming for Business, Marketing and Organizational Behavior 3
Paper ID: 38
Paper Title: Implementation model for the gamification of business processes: A study from the field of material handling
Author(s): Klevers, Markus (1); Sailer, Michael (2); Günthner, Prof. Willibald A. (1)
Affiliation: 1: Technische Universität München, Germany; 2: Ludiwg-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany

Paper ID: 82
Paper Title: Experiential Artefact for Cross-Cultural Learning in Business Games: first results
Author(s): Titton, Luiz Antonio; Oliveira Neto, Jose Dutra
Affiliation: Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil

Paper ID: 50
Paper Title: A Customer Preference-based Hotel Selection Model and its Application in Management Strategy Support
Author(s): Xue, Jiao (1); Chang, Shuang (1); Ichikawa, Manabu (2); Deguchi, Hiroshi (1)
Affiliation: 1: Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan; 2: National Institute of Public Health, Japan

13:45-14:45 on 20th July

Simulation & Gaming for Education 5
Paper ID: 76
Paper Title: A Study on Effects of “Fundamental Competencies for Working Persons” on Understanding Conservation of Historic Cities through Problem Based Learning
Author(s): Sakai, Kohei; Honda, Ayaka; Toyoda, Yusuke; Kanegae, Hidehiko
Affiliation: Ritsumeikan University, Japan

Paper ID: 46
Paper Title: Bending time – using simulation to warp perceptions of time for learning purposes
Author(s): Leigh, Elyssebeth Ellen
Affiliation: Univeristy of Wollongong, Australia


Simulation & Gaming for Planning & Policy 4
Paper ID: 62
Paper Title: Development of SASKE-NABLE: A Simulation Game utilizing Lessons from the Great East Japan Earthquake
Author(s): otsuki, satoshi (1); Amano, Kazuhiko (2); Harada, Makoto (3); Kitamura, Ikumi (2); Re, Jintetsu (4); Sadaike, Yuki (5); Mimura, Satoru (2)
Affiliation: 1: Kochi university, Japan; 2: Fukushima Future Center for Regional Revitalization, Fukushima University; 3: CIA, co.,Ltd, Japan; 4: Niigata disaster relief volunteer network; 5: The Center for Integrated Disaster Information Research, the University of Tokyo

Paper ID: 41
Paper Title: A Golf Course Design based on Swing Select Simulation and Players’ Impression Analysis
Author(s): Nonaka, Tomomi; Kubo, Hiroki; Nishimura, Naomichi; Mizuyama, Hajime
Affiliation: Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan


Simulation & Gaming for Literacy
Paper ID: 13
Paper Title: Quest: How Inclusive eLearning Game Design Can Be Better For All.
Author(s): Mallon, Adrian CJF
Affiliation: Adrian Mallon Multimedia, United Kingdom

Paper ID: 31
Paper Title: Simulation and Gaming in Virtual Language Learning Literacy
Author(s): García-Carbonell, Amparo (1); MacDonald, Penny (2); Perez-Sabater, Carmen (3); Montero-Fleta, Begoña (4)
Affiliation: 1: Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain; 2: Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain; 3: Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain; 4: Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain

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