Simulation & Gaming Vol.1 No.1 April, 1990


Table of Contents

  • Jiro Kondo. [Foreword] On the Occasion of Publishing New Journal from JASAG. p.1.
  • Kinhide Mushakoji. The Study of Global Problems: A new Challenge for Simulation Modeling. p.2-6.
  • Hiroharu Seki. Origin of the Idea of Person Computer Simulation of Global System through Real Time Analysis. p.7-13.
  • Masaya Yamaguchi. Simulations and Mathematics. p.14-19.
  • Satoshi Iwamoto. Simulations on the Aftermath of Major Nuclear War. p.20-25.
  • Yoichi Erikawa. Historical Simulation Games. p.26-30.
  • Shoken Miyama. Numerical Astrophysics. p.31-38.
  • Yoshio Sugiura. Simulations in Human Geography. p.39-44.
  • Richard W. Chadwick. Global Modeling for Global Responsibility. p.45-50.
    • The Program of Second General Meeting of JASAG. p.51
    • The 22nd General Meeting of International Simulation & Gaming Association. p.52.
    • A Guidance for Joining JASAG. p.53.
    • An Application form to JASAG. p.54.
  • Norio Baba. The History of Gaming and Its Future. p.55-60.
  • Jun-ichiro Nishi. The Development of Management Game/Part II. p.61-66.
  • Hideki Kaji. Gaming Simulation Exercise for Training in Disaster Management. p.67-73.
  • Shigesato Itoi. The Relation Between Word And Mind. p.74-77.
  • Norio Okada. Gaming Analysis of Cost Allocation Problems. p.78-83.
  • Yoshiteru Nakamori. Gaming Simulation for Modeling. p.84-88.
  • Toshiro Kurosawa. A Survey of Gaming Simulation for Management Education in 40 Industrial Engineering Departments. p.89-93.
    • A Postscript by the Editor. p.94.
    • An Invitation of the Manuscript for JASAG. p.95.
    • Required Form for Submitting a Paper to JASAG. p.96.